In conjunction with Weald of Kent Grammar School I have put together a special short course to teach your children some basic self defense, bully and stranger awareness skills.

This course is a simple to follow short course to help them avoid confrontation and danger, and if necessary  help them to defend themselves.

This is a very small part of the benefits of our classes.

Read on for more information.

Weald of Kent - Martial Arts Program

Specialist program just for the girls of WOK.

Improved School Grades

Children will learn to focus and maintain better attention in class.

The full program encourages children to set and work towards short term goals.

This eventually builds to better understanding and confidence with long term goal setting.

they get rewarded on a regular basis for hard work and practice.

This in turn means they are more likely to study longer and harder for their academic exams.


Along with meeting new people from around the school they will gain extra confidence from their new skills.

The classes are non competitive.  So whether they are naturally athletic or not they will see regular progress and improvement.

Improved confidence will help them in class.  They will pop their hand up and ask more questions, which again helps with exam results.

Not to speak of the confidence of walking into interviews, whether its university or their first job.

Reduce Stress

It's often overlooked how much stress is piled up on our children.

By encouraging your child to focus on something that is not directly academic, it starts to take that pressure off.

Just taking one hour out per day is essential for mental health.

This hour out gets their minds focused on something else, gets them thinking in a new way.  And best of all gets the heart pumping and body moving.

Plus they get to punch and kick some pads!!

Oh, and...

Learn to defend themselves.

Learn to avoid confrontation.

Learn how to stand up to a bully.

Learn to escape.

Get fit and enjoy a lifelong exercise regime.

...and make new friends.

What to do next

Each term i plan on continuing the program along the lines of the Choi Kwang Do syllabus.  So you child will learn new things in every class.

Currently i have a long waiting list for this course.

As your child was first in they are being given the first opportunity to  extend their training into next term.

You can either commit to next term by paying by paypal (10% surcharge to cover paypal fees).

Or click here and you can securely submit your bank details for payment on 6th February.  (please confirm if you want Tuesday/Thursday only or both by email)


about our classes

Sense of achievement

We like the sense of achievement our son has got from this. 


His confidence has vastly improved and he loves every session. 


I would recommend anyone to try this for their child.

Thanks for getting

him motivated

Alex really looks forward to his classes every week.

It's been a great motivator and helps with discipline and confidence.

Thanks for getting him motivated.

Loves the sessions.

Our child loves the training sessions. 

Not just the kicking and punching of pads, but the interaction with the others too.

Great in-lesson games, brilliant Instructor.

Proud members of the Anti Bullying Alliance

Helping to raise awareness of bullying, it's impacts and working to stamp it out in all it's forms

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