Peak Performance Tiny tigers is a specially developed program for 4-6 years olds.  We're based in a number of locations in and around Tunbridge Wells, Southborough and Tonbridge.

its a fun packed program so the kids love it!

Most importantly we help teach them structure, focus and improve their listening skills.

We help improve muscle development, coordination and balance.

They learn to work and play as a team.

And finally they learn how to set and work towards goals.

all essential skills as they start to go to school.

Tiny Tigers

Tiny Tigers classes teach your child to be confident and goal orientated.

They have the confidence to walk away and say no.

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You can contact us via the messenger pop up, or you can email me on paul@ppckd.com

You will see the development in your child within 30 days!

We even regularly teach stranger and bully awareness.


My 4year old son has been going to tiny tigers since September. He’s a confident little boy but lacks in self confidence so I was looking for a class that would encourage this.


Tiny tigers is exactly that. He’s improved in listening, discipline, technique and self confidence.


Most importantly he absolutely loves the classes, despite sometimes being exhausted from school he always has a great time and finds a second wind.


Paul really encourages the students to push themselves as well.

Hannah from TW