How to tie a CKD belt

October 6, 2016

Today I’m going to show you how to tie a Choi Kwang Do belt.


You should hold the belt in your right hand and place the name, the label or the black stripe so it is facing outwards.


You should estimate where the final over hang will be and place the final centre part in your belly.


Wrap the belt neatly around you twice overlapping the original placement.


Go past the centre point, you should now be able to grip the entire belt with your left hand.


Tuck the right hand overhang underneath both sides of the belt and pull all the way through.


At this point you can adjust the belt, untwist the underneath section of the belt and adjust the length. 


The bottom section should be slightly shorter than the top.


If you have a black belt you can line up the dan bar on the top section with the end of the bottom section.


Adjust the lengths and knot so they are comfortable, but tight.


Twist the bottom section of the belt inwards so it is face down.


The top section of the belt can then cross over the back of the bottom and go underneath.


Tuck this through the hole and pull it all the way through.


The section that is now on your right will now need a small twist and the final adjustment to get the two ends the same length.








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