Friday Tech Tip 2

August 19, 2016

Todays technical tip


As I’m starting from the basics I thought I would quickly point out that I have previously written a full blog on stance here.


 Thinking through what I cover in the first class I teach a new person, I’ve now covered guard, stance so next thing would be the dynamics of the shift.


Every Choi Kwang Do and in fact most martial arts moves will actually start from the floor.  In CKD this move usually starts with a lift and turn of the heel.



The trick with this move is to make sure whilst you are lifting and turning the foot that you are still planted with the ball of foot.  If you just lift and turn the heel taking your toes off of the floor you lose all benefit of the turn and in fact leave yourself very vulnerable by just leaving one leg supporting your weight.




I often demonstrate this point by lifting my supporting foot off of the floor to show that my ball of foot is still solidly in place with the floor and helping with balance and power.  This isn’t to say that I normally put all of my weight on the front foot either.


By keeping the ball of foot on the floor you will be able to push from this foot.  This pushing from the floor will help you move your top half backwards in a defensive situation or forwards in an offensive.  This is often referred to as planter-flexion.




From the near 45 degree position of the stance, you will turn the lead (or rear) foot so your knees can come in line.  This will in turn move your hips either defensively to cover your groin or offensively to improve power and reach.


Be careful here not to over extend the supporting foot and this will negate any positives and potentially damage your ankle.  Its difficult to see in this picture but the heel has turned so far it is now at a right angle to the other leg.



This picture is showing that the foot has incorrectly been lifted and no weight is now on the foot at all.  This is probably the most common mistake in CKD.




Hope this is of help, as ever if you do have any questions don’t hesitate in contacting me or asking in class.


Pil seung


Paul Truman






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