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August 18, 2016


Check in

  • Current weight – 118.4kg

  • Goal Weight – 92 Kilo’s (14.5 Stone)

  • Weight Loss this week – 1.6kg

  • Total Loss to date – 1.6kg

  • Average Daily Calorie Burn – 3,156

  • Number of hours exercise this week – 4.7

  • Total calories input – Average 2,508 per day

  • Total Water – 5 litres

  • Total Alcohol – too much!

The story so far


An OK first week.  Balancing this out I had a big weekend (hence the too much alcohol).  I haven’t trained as much as I had planned either, but to try and keep busy I have been on a couple of walks, seaside and countryside plus done a few hours of heavy duty gardening.  Literally, lifting heavy bags of stones etc.


I have also spent time running around in classes, including a holiday club so this has burnt up some extra calories.


On average I have burnt 600 more calories per day than I have input.  Each kilogram is made up of 7,700 calories.  So I shouldn’t have lost this amount.  I don’t recall exact point I made the first weigh in, whether I had eaten, had a morning tea etc, so take this into account and that today’s weigh in was straight after a workout.


So to make sure I hit the same numbers each week I will now be weighing in at my lowest point.  So most likely this will be straight after a weekly workout, pre tea and pre breakfast.  So next week will be the big test.


The good news is that this has been achieved on a bad week with a bad diet.  To summarise, I’ve eaten pizza, eaten from bad petrol stations on the go, drank beer, wine and spirits, stayed up late and got insufficient sleep.


This next week should be better planned so will be easier to hit the numbers, so if I can do it after such a bad week, you can certainly do it!


A bit more about me;


Since a child I have always been relatively active.  Loved sport, football, rugby, tennis and even dappled occasionally with martial arts (Karate and Judo) and if I’m honest I was never very good at any of them.  I enjoyed competition but hated losing, so this of course was a paradox as I wanted to compete but not being very good would always lose but hated losing…so what to do.


When you leave school and college and have to work in the real world you suddenly find the joys of driving and stop doing exercise altogether.   Years later you’ve put on a few pounds, started smoking, continued drinking and suddenly find yourself in the worst shape of your life, what to do!


Well I turned to Martial Arts more accurately Choi Kwang Do (CKD).  Working in an office it was essential I was doing something that I was not going to get a black eye so I did my research and came across CKD. A health and fitness based self defense which promotes the benefits of long term training and lack of competition.


Perfect, paradox resolved (if only I could solve the Schrödinger's cat as easily!).


In the aim to keep the blog short I’m going to leave you on that cliff hanger, I’m sure you all want to know what happens next!  More next week!


Anyway, the exercise;


The exercise:


The workout is a martial arts based cardio workout.  In CKD we call them patterns, in other martial arts they are referred to as Kata and forms among others.


The workout itself means that you are moving every part of your body, into routines that simulate a self defense situation.  They start off very simple and short when you first start and build up in complexity as you go along.  Once you have got to black belt you are using every muscle in your body to complete the pattern and more importantly you are using them in all sorts of different ways.  This means that you are building up all round strength and balance throughout your body.


The techniques are designed not to harm your own body which means you can easily practise them on a day to day basis without causing harm to your body.  If you think of the simple motion of throwing a ball.  You would think that this would be harmless.  In fact if you hadn’t thrown a ball for a while and spend 30 minutes throwing  ball hard against a wall, you will find either at the end of the session or the next day your arm and shoulder would probably ache and possibly even be quite painful.


The CKD moves on the other hand are designed to decelerate with the body’s natural movements and therefore will not cause you pain the next day.


This workout can be replaced with a one hour workout of your choice.  A popular workout at the moment is “Insanity”.  This is a HIIT workout the same as CKD which uses a mixture of body weight exercises to burn calories and develop strength.  Or any other off the shelf workout of the day.

I will start adding some specific moves from next week.


The food:


I’m going to feature each week one recipe for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  I’m sure like most people you don’t have time to keep reinventing the wheel each week and once you find something that you like you will stick with it for a while.


In the main I will eat good old Bran Flakes for breakfast.  These are high in fibre and will certainly help keep me regular.  For lunch I will normally have some form of a salad, this I will try and mix up for you to give you some quick and easy ideas.  I will give you some of my favourite recipes for dinner.


I generally like to cook spicy food so I will certainly lean that way and many of the recipes can be cooked in bulk and then frozen for ease.


First recipe!


Breakfast – Good old Full English! - Bet you didn’t see that coming for an opening healthy meal!

Lets look at it; Beans, mushrooms, tomatoes, eggs nothing bad there.


Bacon, now that’s the clincher and I have removed sausages.  Whilst I do enjoy a good quality high meat content banger they are far too high in calories to include both bacon and sausages on a regular basis, but;


I will add, that if you had a small bowl of bran flakes (30g) to get you started, did an hours heavy workout, freshened up and then cooked a full English with all the trimmings your total calories intake would be 633 calories and if this is your breakfast and lunch you are now set for the day.  If you did this and had an early dinner this would work perfectly for avoiding hunger later on and you’ve got your bacon fix. 


Something to consider for the weekends.  It’s also high in protein so will help with muscle regrowth after the workout.


Next week’s target 2 kilo’s.


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