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August 12, 2016


This is the first of my weekly CKD tip blogs, I will see how long I can keep it going.  I’m going to go through some basics and some fundamentals as I see them.  As a few masters like this page and follow me on twitter, please feel free to add your thoughts to my pointers so we can all benefit.


Today's tip – Guard


For me as we teach a self defence the guard is imperative.  The guard position has many benefits which we only really get to grips with the longer we practice.


Most people when they start will at best hold their hands up but very close to them.  Whilst this will provide a small amount of protection this is the only benefit of this sort of guard. 

As you do start out keep your hands high and lift them higher if necessary.   This will give your head some protection, but isn't ideal as it blocks your view and doesn't allow for more dynamic movements.



Try to keep your hands high even when kicking.  People tend to drop hands when they think about kicks, so the more experienced people will look for this for an early alert to a kick.  Plus as you can see from the picture, it leaves you open in all areas.



At PPCKD I teach people to hold their front hand out in front of them as if they were holding a glass in front of them by about 1 foot.  This will help keep an attacker at bay, but you should maintain constant awareness of where your attackers hands are as they could grab this lead hand.



As the guard hand should be loose, relaxed and bent at the elbow it will act as a semi coiled spring if it is grabbed, but also for any front hand techniques.  The rear hand should be underneath the chin.  This position will allow the hand to be raised quickly for a rear guard.


The below picture is of the more traditional CKD stance.  It can help you generate more power, but can leave you more open.




Couple of benefits for these guard positions is that both of these hands can be used to increase power of any punches by popping up towards the head and pulling the shoulders through.  You will also see form my




This is quite complex for the uninitiated, so best seen in a PPCKD class.


My biggest tip on guard is always to get back to guard as quickly as possible.  This will not only help with the punch itself but with getting back to a protected position.


Keep the elbows tucked in close to your ribs, but remain relaxed.


Any questions do let me know.



Have a good Friday.






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