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August 11, 2016


As many of you know I have recently gone full time at CKD.  One of the reasons for this is so I can have the time to train and get in shape for my 3rd Dan test.  Hopefully to give you some inspiration that we can all do this, I’m going to bore you all with a weekly blog about it.


So here’s my first fitness blog, enjoy.


Check in

  • Current weight – 120Kg

  • Goal Weight – 92 Kilo’s (14.5 Stone)

  • Weight Loss this week – 0

  • Total Loss to date – 0

  • Average Daily Calorie Burn – 3,100 (based on average historical count)

  • Number of hours exercise this week – 3

  • Total calories input – 1st day not monitored.

  • Total Water – 1st day not monitored.

  • Total Alcohol - 1st day not monitored.

The story so far.


Many of the readers of this blog will know me, especially as I set out, but hopefully the audience will grow, so I’m going to put forward a bit of information about me each week.  Don’t worry I won’t bore you with lengthy writing.


I’m currently a second Dan in a martial art called Choi Kwang Do (CKD).  I’ve been practising for a little over 13 years.  I’ve just left my full time very secure job to take on the roller coaster ride of being self employed.  For a latitude of reasons which I will explain in later blogs this is a very exciting time for me with many things going on.


Two of which are getting married at the end of 2017 and hoping to grade for my 3rd Dan in CKD sometime in the first half of 2017.  This is long overdue and some would say so is the marriage to my lovely fiancé Sarah.


To the point!


Due to work commitments, teaching commitments and the constant need to please (I have a very busy social life with most weekends taken up) I have had very little to no time to train.  Oh and I forgot to mention I like to eat nice food and drink nice wine – in abundance!  I have therefore put on all of my pre 2nd Dan test weight and probably some more.


However I now have the time and the inclination to take this on headfirst and hopefully share with the wider world a few ideas that people can get into their daily lives to make them a little bit healthier and a little bit fitter.


I will set this blog out in a very logical fashion (assuming I don’t get distracted by the cat!) so that it’s nice and easy to follow. 


The layout will be:

  • Check in – the numbers

  • Me – the story so far, a mixture of background and updates

  • The exercise

  • The Food

  • Shopping list (based on the entire weeks shopping)


I will provide you with my total goal to drop, what my target is for next week and how I have done this week.  Including some other numbers as set out at the top of this page.


Each week I will give you a little bit more about me and my background.  Hopefully to give you some confidence that what I write is based on years of experience and knowledge rather than just a thin bloke trying to drum up readers.


The exercise:


I will cover the exercise that I do.  Much of this will be CKD based.  You can switch this for any workout that gets your heart pumping.  The CKD workout will be High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), so if you can find something that works for you.  I will explain this in later sections in more detail.  I will also leave a few exercises that can be carried out in units to complete a H.I.I.T workout for yourself.


I will leave before and after photos for now but these will be added later.


I will set out the workouts so that the average person can do them.  One hour of training 5 days a week.  Days you can decide.  I will add in 30 minutes of gentle exercise.  This can be a 30 minute walk at lunch time or after work.  If you don’t park near your workplace this could be replaced with your to and from walk at the start and end of the day.  (if you do park at your place of work, perhaps don’t; to get this part in!)


The food:


I believe that all weight loss is based on a relatively simple mathematical equation.  If you put 3,000 calories in and your burn 3,000 calories you should maintain your weight.  So I will measure everything out and give you the numbers each week.


I will measure my energy expended by my non branded smart watch (it’s an Apple, but others makes will try and compete).


I will measure my calorie burn via my watch but make some estimates. 

I will use kilo’s (I can picture a kilo of sugar, I cannot picture a stone of a specific size).

I will ask a couple of extra things from you.

  • If you need to speak to someone at work, go and speak to them – don’t ring them.

  • If you need to take a lift, don’t - take the stairs.

  • If you need to print something, don’t save up your prints – collect them each time you print.

  • If you stay seated most of the day, get up every hour, collecting prints and getting more water should do this.

  • Do get medical advice if you are severely over weight or haven’t exercised for a while.

  • Do drink plenty of water.

Keep in mind the things I have set out so far.  I’m basically an average Joe.  I enjoy food, I enjoy drink and I enjoy socialising.  So what I set out in the following blogs will be to make sure I can keep doing this.  My doctor will throw a fit but I figure rather than abstaining from the things we enjoy, better to include them and use these as targets.


My first target is to drop 4 stones (25 kilos) by Christmas.  Today is 3rd August.  That gives me 20 weeks to drop an average of 1.3 kilos per week.  (Not sure the doctors will agree that’s healthy).  I’ve done this before and at the tender age of 40 I’m going to give it a go again!


So I promised to not make these lengthy and here I am at nearly 1,000 words already.  So that’s it for this week.  Next weeks should be shorter and will start the log of exercise and food.  I will also include a shopping list.  Have a good week, don’t forget to take the stairs.


Next week’s target 2 kilo’s.


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