PPCKD is now in Royal Tunbridge Wells

May 6, 2016

Royal Tunbridge Wells Self Defence Classes now open for children aged 4 to 16.


This week I’m pleased to say that PPCKD has expanded a little further.  We have successfully launched classes in Royal Tunbridge wells.  Classes are held on a Tuesday at 6pm for 4-16 years olds and out of Skinners School on the Thursday for the same age group.


Our first two new students, William and Tao had a great time learning some basic moves.


We covered all of the basic blocks, rear and front punches as well as the kicks.  Well done William for remembering them from Tuesday class.  A bit more practise and your confidence will grow nicely.


To work up a bit of a sweat I spent some time trying to catch them out with random techniques to test their reactions, they did really well at this, with very few  techniques catching them out.


To see how good their targeting was, we did a focus pad drill.  This is used to really concentrate on accuracy of punch and kick with a moving target.  With great reactions (the benefits of youth) they hit most of the targets with good speed.


The final drill we worked on power so we switched to the big pads.  With this they’re encouraged to give as much power as they can and really go for it making as much noise and effort as possible with all of the punches and kicks.


To make this a little harder we added in the “bump drill”.  This is a drill where they get a small bump on the back, turn and do 3 to 5 techniques on the pad.  To make this a little harder we added “friendly hand”.  So now they have to turn around and decide if it’s a friend or a foe!


Apart from a few mishaps where they punched their “friends” they performed very well.


As ever I finished off with a little game.  This time they did 3 in a row.  A game where they have to run from one end of the hall with a bean bag and in a noughts and crosses style game try and get 3 bags in a row.  If blocked they run back and reset their bag until we have a winner.  This certainly got their hearts racing especially when one of the bags landed from each player at the same time in the same square and they had a tie breaker running the full length of the massive school hall at Skinners School.


Well done to both William and Tao for a great class and a big Welcome to William for officially joining PPCKD as our first student of PPCKD Tunbridge Wells.


See you next week at St Gregorys and look forward to the next few new children starting next week.


Have a great week end.


Pil seung


Paul Truman

Chief Instructor

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