Martial arts for the over 60s?

March 9, 2016

Martial arts for seniors?


Why Choi Kwang Do is a great activity for those over 60.


Many people think that at 60 they are too old for any physical activities.  I picture my own mother now happily passed 60.  She spends her day sat at her desk, walks to and from the car, sits in the car potters around the house doing a bit of cleaning but that’s about the end of it.


In her younger years, she was avidly in the gym and doing classes.  But as the years passed and she couldn’t do these activities to the same level she has chosen to not doing anything at all.


Some would agree that this is the right way forward, in her older years why should she exercise, ask yourself, why shouldn’t she?


The benefits of exercise are enormous and experts say that it doesn’t matter when you start, just start.  You shouldn’t be going for World or Olympic records but any form of exercise that gently lifts your heart rate will have a positive impact on your general well being.


You could say that I haven’t got the strength and I don’t have any flexibility.  No you may not, but whilst exercising if you do it in the right way you will become more flexible, you will gain the strength.


You may have just finished playing football or netball and just be looking for something different and less competitive.


So how can Choi Kwang Do help?  The movements are very simple and have been designed to work with the bodies natural movements.  We don’t carry out any harsh lock out moves.  A punch for instance will use the whole shoulder joint and it’s interconnecting tendons and muscles.  This will mean that should you have any weakness in this area to start with, that overtime with careful practise you could actually increase your strength and flexibility in this area.


If you have problems walking, how are you going to kick?  Well to start with if you joined in with a class the fact that you are up and about is already helping the strength in your legs.  Moving on from this the CKD movements will get you moving around and using the whole body.  Very gently at first.  The CKD movements at white belt are very simple to start with and gently get more complicated over time.


This slow progression is exactly what the body needs.  The opening moves will gently increase your heart rate, improve your breathing and lung capacity, whilst building strength and aiding movement throughout the body.


In CKD you are not in competition with anyone and you can take things as slow as you need to or as fast.  The structure of the classes allows for a fun and interactive workout which is more varied than any time you might spend in the gym.


Our Grandmaster just turned 74.  He is still practising and demonstrating today and looks as awesome as ever.  I admit he’s been practising since he was little, so it’s not a direct comparison.  However I have seen people in their nineties achieve black belt.

Even if this isn’t your ambition you just fancy doing something different.  CKD is a great way to meet new people in a fun environment.  As the moves have been specifically designed to work with the body, they enhance flexibility and strength.  Due to the circular motion of the movements they help the rotator joints in the shoulders and hips.  Even if you have a bad back you will find benefits with the increased strength and movements.


If you do want to join in and push harder then you can.  The CKD system gets increasingly more difficult, pushing your heart and lungs further.  With regular practice your reaction times would quickly improve as would your hand and eye coordination.


Another benefit of course is that you are learning a devastatingly effective self-defence.  So you will gain confidence when you are out and about.


If you want to pop along for a personalised introduction to CKD please give me a call on the numbers below.  It will just be you and me learning the basics.  You will be able to see what else going on in class and will be free to ask as many questions as you like.


If you want to chat a bit more about the benefits of CKD, please call me on 07590 559 421 or email on





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