How does PPCKD improve a childs confidence?

June 30, 2015

Why is PPCKD so good for improving children’s confidence?


Many of the children are brought to PPCKD in order to help improve their child’s confidence.  You can then see from our reviews that this is something that we are very successful at.


  • AM really looks forward to his classes every week. Its been a great motivator and helps with discipline and confidence .

  • RN has gained a lot of confidence, focus and he's concentration level have improved greatly

  • AW He has gained confidence and is enjoying his time at PPCKD. he has gained friends and self-defence skills

This is just a small selection of our five star reviews.  So how do we do it?




This is simple, we give each and every child the support they need to succeed.  Each child is not in competition with another to be better or to get a higher score.  We encourage each child to develop their skills in a fun way. 


Many other sporting activities will encourage each child to be competitive against other children or in a team with other children.  Whilst this will benefit many children it will not suit all.  The competitive nature of playing football or netball can often put some children off.  They may think they are not as good as another child or may lack the ability to play in a team.


With a PPCKD class we encourage each child to learn the skills in their own time, with consistent support from other students and the instructor team.  We have regular assessments and grading’s to confirm their progress as well as Dragon badges for them to attain as they go along.  This gives them the firm knowledge that they do know what they are doing and progressing along nicely.


Its not all assessments!  We mix in plenty of fun activities and games.  The games are designed to be active, practise their skills and we even sneak in a little bit of team sport to help encourage their ability to work as a team.


The ratio of Students to Instructors is kept to a small number, it means that the students are able to get close attention and develop very quickly.


And finally it’s the kids themselves.  As we have structures in place for them to develop onto and gain small goals as well as longer term belts and even moving onto the Special Team Of Role Models (STORM) they try to help each other.  As this happens with every class, they not only gain confidence from their own skills developing but that they also gain confidence from passing their knowledge on.


All of this activity will really help with any child’s co-ordination.  So even if your child doesn’t lack confidence they can still improve their skills.  A can footballer for instance would benefit from having to use both legs to kick.  So suddenly a child who can only play with one foot would have better skills with both legs and the same would go for a keen netballer.


If you want to bring your child along to see how they could benefit, please contact me on or fill in this form.

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