New Childrens Classes

June 12, 2015

New Classes for our Lil Dragons and Bigger Dragons


On Wednesday 10th June we opened up our all new Lil Dragons for children aged 5-7 years old and Bigger Dragons classes for children 8-10 years old.


Having spent the last 7 years teaching these groups of children together, I took the decision to split these two classes up.  Due to the popularity of these classes it became apparent that each of these groups of children demanded a new bespoke class to ensure that they were being taught the benefits of Choi Kwang Do at a level that was consistent with their needs.


The class was made up of plenty of technical knowledge to ensure that the children were learning and progressing their skills and also included plenty of fun games and children’s activities.  We apologise for all the really loud Ki Haps!


We started off with a quick practise of their current punches, working on speed of hand and using both hands to help with coordination as well as focus.


Moving on to kicks, again starting off with their current kicks and then adding a front kick.  This helps them focus on doing two different moves in quick succession.  Again this helps the children’s focus and coordination as well as improving their current skills.


Understanding of a martial arts stance is often a difficult thing, even for adults to master in class.  So we carried out an exercise to help them with the correct martial arts stance movement.  By standing with one foot either side of a pad they learnt to move one foot forward and then bring the rear foot forward afterwards.  We focussed on making sure they were not just kicking the pad up and down the hall and it was all nicely controlled. 


As this was the first time I had run this drill I was very impressed with how all of the children managed this activity.


To help bed this learning in we then moved on to defence drills.  These are designed to work on the defenders confidence and slowly build up speed and awareness as the children gain confidence.  So this time the children were moving forward but facing another child, whilst the other child moved backwards again using a correct martial arts stance.


Once all the serious stuff was over we finished off with a bit of child friendly fun; an obstacle course race.


A very simple fun drill, two teams and each team has to do a mixture of push ups, star jumps, punching and kicking as well as flying under some poles.  I think this was the highlight of the night for the kids that’s for sure!


We also introduced into this class the Special Team Of Role Models candidates.  The more experienced children get the opportunity to help the other children with their progress.  They get to help out with the line up and putting equipment away as well as helping with the other children’s activities.  They all did a fabulous job so a big well done to Jo, Alex and Kai.


And finally we finished off with congratulating Luca on being Student of the Month.  He has been nothing but a happy smiley character all month and always the first to volunteer to help run the stretch at the start of class.  Well done Luca.


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