Is Martial Arts right for me?

April 12, 2015


Interesting I should write my first blog on a subject I cannot answer.  What I can tell you is my story and why Martial Arts is right for me and you can make your own informed decision.


Ever since I was a kid watching the original Karate kid in the cinema I fancied myself as a Danny LaRusso (impressed with myself for remembering the name without using google!!). Not for the discipline, not for the fitness, just for the ability to stand on one leg and be able to kick the school bully in the head.  How cool would that be?


In reality when you go down to your local Karate school in 1984 as a scrawny 8 year old you are thrown into a class full of adults doing “Kata”.  Needless to say I didn’t last very long.


So on to a class that is designed for children. However, the only Martial Arts class that was designed for kids back then was a local Judo class.  This of course is completely different from Karate involving grappling and attempting to throw your opponent to the floor and pin them. 


As an 8 year old with a 10 year old brother I was probably a little more robust in my challenges than I should have been.  Completely fearless of the older/bigger kids and attempting moves I had only seen once, I was after all Bruce Lee in the making.  (I realise Brue Lee didn’t do Judo, its more a reference for state of mind).


Time and tide takeover and as a youngster in a class that didn’t challenge me I moved on, discovered Rugby and many other such distractions. 


Many years on, a few pounds added and I’m needing something to refocus my energies after a day at work.  I’ve tried the gym, I’ve tried running, I’ve tried swimming.  They all have one thing in common and that’s the repetitive nature of the activity.  Whilst I fully understand this repetition is essential in the mastery of any physical activity it is also numbing to the mind.


This numbing to some is a positive outlet to allow you to switch off from a day at work.  But to me and perhaps a slightly hyperactive brain it is better to keep the brain focussed, thus making the exercise almost a second notion instead of a primary.


Dreams of Karate Kid come flooding back, I reach for the internet to find my local clubs.


As an office professional I have a number of things that are important to me.  The one that is relevant is the thought of rocking up to meetings with a black eye or a fat lip.  So keeping this in mind my search for a martial art continued.


I discovered a local Choi Kwang Do school and I haven’t looked back.  Choi Kwang Do is based on Tae Kwon Do with a significant difference.  Choi Kwang Do is a self-defence Martial Art and not a sport or competition Martial Art.  This immediately means I wouldn’t be competing with the local teenage Danny LaRusso in his prime, but would be working with other like-minded individuals to improve my fitness and the ability to defend myself.


As I continue my journey into Choi Kwang Do I also discover the many health benefits of Choi Kwang Do.  The Martial Art is designed to work with the body helping flexibility and mobility.  The short drills are also designed to be a very effective High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) style work out, which has become very popular in recent years.


So the years have passed, my fitness has improved, my flexibility has improved and my addiction to Martial Arts continues.  After more than a decade of training and now teaching, my passion for Choi Kwang Do continues.


Choi Kwang Do is such an all inclusive Martial Art, whether you are a child just starting out, a young lady coming along to gain self defence ability or a middle aged man trying to improve your fitness and regain some past vigour.  Choi Kwang Do can easily tick all of these boxes.


Due to the non-competitive nature of Choi Kwang Do everyone within every class works together to help improve each others experience.


At PPCKD based in Horley, Surrey each and every class is different.  This ensures that you get a lively and interesting work out.  Whether it’s the kids Martial Arts class which is specifically designed for kids aged five and above or the adults class for people aged 10 and above.  All classes are fun and interactive, teaching the kids how to use their techniques in a positive way.  The kids learn how to interact with other, children as well as adults, in a respectful way.  Check out our testimonials page to see what our parents are saying about our classes.       


Don’t think the PPCKD classes are just for the kids either.  Martial Arts can burn up to 1,000 calories per hour.  With the H.I.I.T. drills you will not only burn the calories you will condition your heart and lungs to the best condition they have ever been in.  Even if you have a passion for another sport, Martial Arts can help you improve your anaerobic fitness, your stamina and your coordination.


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