Oakwood Holiday Club Classes

Special offer to all Oakwood holiday Club participants.

50% off of your first 3 months with code OAK16

Bullyproof your child in just a couple of months

Give your child the confidence to walk away

What we do


  • Fun structured classes

  • High energy fun workout

  • Bully awareness skills

  • How to avoid physical confrontation

  • Team building activities

  • Body development

What you get


  • Respect for others

  • Social skills

  • Confidence

  • Coordination

  • Greater focus

  • Greater attention

  • Improved physical awareness

  • New friends

A few recent reviews
As soon as my son was old enough I had him enrolled with Paul at PPCKD. My main motivation was to ensure my son can defend himself should he need to at any point. I love the fact the discipline doesn't actively promote "fighting" which, having a lively 4 yr old boy, I was keen to avoid! I have also noticed a vast improvement in his confidence and his ability to join in with children he has never met and above all else...look forward to going twice weekly. Very good investment in my child's future
Gemma and Charlie - Horley
My daughter goes to PPCKD and she loves it. She enjoy every moments she spend there. Its lots of fun and also teach them discipline. Paul and other staff they are very friendly.
Farha and Nafisa - Horley
My son really enjoys his time with PPCKD. He's learning alot, gaining a lot of confidence and getting a lot of excercise. I can happily recommend this to everyone.
Jon and William - Tunbridge Wells
Will it suit my child?
Martial arts really is for everyone, boys and girls will benefit and have fun in every class no matter how young they are.
You will see improved focus and attention in school and at home because of the requirements of doing a martial art.
Martial arts helps children gain confidence as they slowly build skills in small stepping stones.
Martial arts gives a great all round work out, ensuring they stay fit in a fun and ethusiastic way.
Martial arts helps develop sporting prowess by enhancing coordination and balance from a young age.
It's not just for boys, girls have an amazing ability to focus on the detail of martial arts and it really tunes their body and minds.
We build leaders of the future with specially designed programs to aid development.
Children learn to work together through specially designed games, whilst overcoming challenges they never thought possible.
If you don't want to miss out, email us for times and prices and we can get you booked in for your FREE intro classes.
Some FAQ's
Oakwood Offer
Book in for a FREE no obligation trial.
Complete your two classes and if you want your child to continue, pay for 3 months for a one off fee of £67.50 and we will even throw in a new uniform. 
With a money back guarantee!  If after one month you are not satisfied, get all of your money back and keep the uniform.
booking must be made by end of August and first class would be no later than 9th September.
How to contact us
Peak Performance CKD
Oakwood Sports Centre
Balcombe Road
we also have classes in Maidenbower and
Tunbridge Wells
07590 559 421