Ladies Fitness and Self Defence classes

We will give you a good work out

Whilst teaching you to look after yourself with easy to learn powerful techniques. Still unsure fill in the details below to see your first technique being demonstrated.  Now hit the button and reserve your place.


Our classes are non contact so you have little to no risk of injury, not even a black eye!  It also means that Ladies can easily train with Men wihtout risk of harm.  There's a couple of reviews below from some of our recent lady members.



June 2015 - Marilli - 35



"I have fun kicking and punching the hell out of our shield and my other Choi buddy's:) Me and my son enjoy going to training twice a week and very exited doing gradings!!! Well done MR.T you are very good and inspiring instructor!!!!!"


June 2015 - Caren -  29


"Hazel has so much enthusiasm for your class. She practices her moves all the time and tells anyone who wants to listen.


Seeing how much she loves the class has made me join and she is so full of encouragement, even "advising" me when I have done something not quite right! I highly recommend PPCKD, for all age groups, not only for the self defense but for the fitness aspect too."

What will I do?


You will carry out different routines and exercises in every single class.


The areas that are practised on a regular basis are:


Patterns, these are simple routines that help you practise your Choi Kwang Do techniques.  These can be practised at high speed or low speed.  Depending on how you practise will decide whether you’re doing a anaerobic routine or a aerobic routine.


Speed Drills, these are what they say on the tin.  A short series of techniques carried out at high speed.  These are definitely an anaerobic workout.


Defence drills, these are practised to improve your ability to defend yourself.  they are carried out at a pace so both people can improve.


Shield Drills, these are where you practise your power and stamina. 


Overall a great all round workout, working every muscle in the body, whilst learning how to effectively defend yourself.


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  • Weight Loss

  • Sense of well being

  • Co-ordination

  • Lung Capacity

  • Heart Function

  • Flexibility

  • Lowered stress

  • Self Esteem

  • Leaner Muscles

  • Confidence

  • Learn to defend yourself


Current Availability

Class numbers are limted to ensure a good level of tuition


Current Spaces are good, but don't delay classes are filling up fast.