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Our Junior Martial Arts classes in Maidenbower are open to children aged 5 years and above.


The childrens Martial Arts classes in Maidenbower cover the same syllabus as the adult classes (see Adult Class), whilst acknowledging the specific characteristics of children.


For example, being mindful of wanting our children to develop into confident and considerate young adults that are ‘comfortable within themselves’.


We also recognise that kids will be kids and occasionally just want to have fun.  We promote team work with specifically designed games to enhance body and mind for a growing child.


We ensure that the Martial Arts classes in Crawley are fun and interactive and whilst the core fundamentals remain the same we ensure we have a large variety of drills so the kids don’t get bored.





​"For us, what we really like about the training is the sense of achievement our son has got from it. He's confidence has vastly improved and he loves every session. I would recommend anyone to try this for their child!"



"awesome class! hard work but great fun, always feel like I learn something new :)"


"My son and his friend love their classes. It's a great discipline, lots of fun, keeps them fit, teached self defenac. Everything you'd want from such a class!!! Thank you PPCKD!"




" Lily absolutely loves her classes and we have never seen her so committed and enthusiastic about anything before... All the staff are fantastic. Perfect for boys and girls...Big and small!!!"



"Alex really looks forward to his classes every week. Its been a great motivator and helps with discipline and confidence. Thanks for getting him motivated"


" I love choi because I get to do lots of cool stuff and wear gloves and hold the shields!!"


What are the benefits of training with PPCKD in our Kids Martial Arts Class in Maidenbower?


We teach respect for fellow students of all ages.


Encourage social skills through providing a friendly training environment and positive interaction with other children.


Develop confidence in our young children as they learn for themselves the power and effectiveness of Martial Arts techniques.


Enhance self esteem by providing an encouraging and supportive environment in which they are valued as individuals.


Martial Arts is a great all round workout which teaches children control of both body and mind.  This will help develop your childs ability in other sports, including Football, Rugby, Swimming and Tennis amongst others.



Kids like to run around and have fun and within our Kids Martial Arts class we embrace this.


Our Maidenbower kids Martial Arts classes  are always changing.


The Class is specifically designed with kids in mind.  They are structured enough to help the kids settle in to a routine and become comfortable in the class but we are always mixing the content up to keep the kids interested.


We use various Martial Art based games to develop team work, fitness and co ordination which ensures they get a good fun workout whilst developing their self defense skills.

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