Peak Performance Martial arts and fitness bring you KickFit.

this is our specially designed ladies only program.

It gives you a great workout, builds fitness, tone, flexibilty.

Teaches you martial arts moves in a fun packed class, set to music.  you get a great workout and learn to defend yourself!

KickFit Ladies Only

Martial arts is the worlds first workout program.  But it's been going longer than Zumba, Boxercise and even Insanity.

You can contact us via the messenger pop up, or you can email me on paul@ppckd.com

It's an amazing all round workout, hitting every part of your body.  Choi Kwang Do has been specifically developed so that it has less negative impact on your body.

It actually helps the body move better, your lungs and heart work better.

This is achieved with the sequential movements within CKD using the whole body to perform the movements.  We avoid competition in order to help you train to your maximum ability.

Whether it's for you or for your child, read on to see how we can benefit you.

tiny tigers

Classes are for 4 - 6 year old's.

They're great fun and burn off lots of energy.

Build your child's confidence, increase their focus and learn to respect others

we build life long skills and disciplines

lil dragons

Classes are for 7 - 9 year old's.

The Lil Dragons program takes the Tiny Tigers program to the next level.

The classes are more focused and continue to take your child on their journey.

The classes are a fun packed class teaching discipline and focus.

Junior Program

Classes are for 10 - 14 year old's.

exercise the body and mind, build confidence, focus and strength

The improved attention and discipline at home and in school will be significant.


Classes are for 14 years and up.

Great for weight loss and toning.

easy to learn and effective techniques.

awesome cardio and anaerobic workout.

build confidence and make new friends in our fun inclusive classes.

Class are ideal for ladies and gentleman of all ages.


about our classes

Very Good investment

in my child's future...

My main motivation was to ensure my son can defend himself should he need to at any point. I love the fact the discipline doesn't actively promote "fighting" which, having a lively 4 yr old boy, I was keen to avoid! I have also noticed a vast improvement in his confidence and his ability to join in with children he has never met and above all else...look forward to going twice weekly.

Proud of their


My sons go to PPCKD class and he love it. He is learning the focus and discipline of martial arts. Paul has incredible patience with all the kids and is a great role model and teacher! Children come out of class proud of what they've achieved and ready for more next time.

It's a lot of fun!

My daughter goes to PPCKD and she loves it. She enjoy every moments she spend there. Its lots of fun and also teach them discipline. Paul and other staff they are very friendly.


Our all new for 2017 program.

For those who don't want a formal Martial arts class but want to workout with a purpose.

This program is a great all round workout using martial arts techniques to give you a great anaerobic workout.

even better you get to learn some practical self defense skills

No fighting

no contact

No ego

Proud members of the Anti Bullying Alliance

Helping to raise awareness of bullying, it's impacts and working to stamp it out in all it's forms

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Meadows School

St Gregorys School

Bennett School

Weald of Kent School


Maidenbower Infant School

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