Peak Performance Juniors is a specially developed program for 10+ years olds.

We really start to hone their martial arts skills and turn them into confident young adults.

They learn awesome techniques, stay fit and healthy.

We have a leadership program which they can get involved in really making sure they have the skills for life.


Junior classes teach your child to be confident and goal orientated.  Understand the importance of hard work and practice.

They have the confidence to walk away and say no.

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You can contact us via the messenger pop up, or you can email me on paul@ppckd.com

You will see the development in your child within 30 days!

We even regularly teach stranger and bully awareness.


My son thoroughly enjoys his classes and has gained so much confidence since starting.


Perfect for children which need to build up their confidence.


We tried 2 other companies before finding peak performance none of which were suitable for my shy son.


Then we found peak performance who recognised the lack of confidence in my son and slowly introduced him into the class and had a teacher work with him during the first week of classes which helped a great deal!


After that my son was running around like a crazy person with the other students before the start of class and his confidence has gone from strength to strength.


Would highly recommend. Xx

Bridie - Horley