Peak Performance adults is an outstanding program to get you fit, learn powerful techniques whilst getting an great all around workout.

It helps with stress releif, cardio, aerobic and anaerobic fitness.  You will get improved flexibility and joint movement.

If you have a stressful job it is an amazing outlet and really clears the mind.

if you already exercise then this is something different and so much more engaging.


Adult classes get you fighting fit fast!

We are a fun group of people that want to get fit, learn new skills and not worry about getting beaten up whilst training.

So don't be scared, come along and give us ago!

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You can contact us via the messenger pop up, or you can email me on paul@ppckd.com

You will see results fast!


Both myself and my husband attend the adult classes in Tunbridge Wells.


The programme is well developed, we are learning a lot and are also pushed enough to feel like we are getting a great workout. Each lesson starts with a warm up,


technical skills, putting skills into practise and then cool down,


and we love it!! A stamp card lets us keep track of our progress and allows us to know how far we need to go before grading.


We have also taken up extra classes, such as a masters class, where we have learnt extra skills and been able to perfect our current skills.


I recommend that this martial art programme is good for all adults, no matter your current fitness level, you can achieve and perfect your art!!

Carla TW