Self Defence and Fitness Club for Teenagers

Time to get off the bench!

It doesn't matter what sport you currently do, whether its Hockey, Football, Tennis or Rugby our classes can help you go from good to great.


If the most sport you do is on the Xbox or Playstation, then this is a perfect way of getting you started into something far more enjoyable and help build lean athletic muscle.

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"PPCKD is an awesome school to learn the art of Choi Kwang Do, Chief Instructor Paul is very dedicated & passionate which creates a friendly & fun school who welcomes all students.


It Is An Honour To Train With Such A Great Instructor & Group of Martial Artists. Pil Seung!"

What will I do?


You will carry out different routines and exercises in every single class.


The areas that are practised on a regular basis are:


Patterns, these are simple routines that help you practise your Choi Kwang Do techniques.  These can be practised at high speed or low speed.  Depending on how you practise will decide whether you’re doing a anaerobic routine or a aerobic routine.


Speed Drills, these are what they say on the tin.  A short series of techniques carried out at high speed.  These are definitely an anaerobic workout.


Defence drills, these are practised to improve your ability to defend yourself.  they are carried out at a pace so both people can improve.


Shield Drills, these are where you practise your power and stamina. 


Overall a great all round workout, working every muscle in the body, whilst learning how to effectively defend yourself.




  • Weight Loss

  • Sense of well being

  • Co-ordination

  • Lung Capacity

  • Heart Function

  • Flexibility

  • Lowered stress

  • Self Esteem

  • Leaner Muscles

  • Confidence

  • Learn to defend yourself


Good to Great - How?

Classes are fun and interactive. .


If you are out of shape, don't worry, we will give you quick to learn routines that will give you a cardio workout and then get you involved in some non contact drills that get a real sweat on.


Once you are more accomplished and gaining confidence you will get involved in the mroe interactive drills which help you learn to effectively defend yourself.


All whilst having fun and making friends.